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Blogspot: Brexit: Jeremy can keep the UK together

YesBlogspot by Scott Nelson

David Cameron has effectively sabotaged the UK – but Jeremy Corbyn can keep the UK together

Nicola Sturgeon is absolutely right to call a second independence referendum because Brexit has changed everything. Despite Leave winning the EU referendum, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to Remain.

Personally, I believe the Scottish referendum should have happened after the EU referendum as the good people of Scotland have been conned. They never rejected independence to be ruled by a Tory dictatorship, the most ruthless Tory government since Margaret Thatcher. The Tories have never looked after Scotland and many have never forgiven them for piloting the Poll Tax there in 1989.

There is nothing to suggest that Scotland will vote for independence; polls are meaningless, as we discovered at the general election in 2015 and EU referendum last year. Scotland could reject independence again, but that all depends on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, the Tories’ official opposition at Westminster.

The SNP surge in 2015 to the expense of Labour and the Lib Dems should have taught both parties a valuable lesson but the message still hasn’t gotten through. Scottish Labour was effectively destroyed by New Labour and the final insult was when the party shared platforms with the Tories in 2014 during the Better Together Campaign – and we can thank Blairite John McTernan for that. Incidentally, he also destroyed the Australian Labor Party last year leading to the party’s defeat at last year’s general election and another 4 years of Liberal and National Coalition (LNP) rule. Australia’s LNP is equally as toxic as our Tory Party.

Scottish Labour is still very much attached to New Labour and the only way the party can bounce back is by having a complete relaunch. Kezia Dugdale, another Blairite, has failed to revive the party and she causes more and more damage whenever she opens her mouth. Kezia Dugdale has got to go and needs to be replaced by a strong left-wing leader who will steer the party in the right direction and win back voters lost to the SNP. Unless Scottish Labour detaches itself from New Labour then the party’s future will be untenable. Bring back George Galloway, he would make a fantastic leader and would turn Scottish Labour’s fortunes around.

The Lib Dems lost support in Scotland because of their coalition with the Tories, and the fact Tim Farron would form another coalition with them says it all. The Lib Dems are a party of opportunists and will stoop to any level for a taste of power.

Jeremy Corbyn can keep the UK together but he cannot do it alone: Labour must unite behind him and fight the Tories for the sake of the UK and the millions of people across Britain who are suffering at the hands of the Tories. Labour must campaign positively against independence in Scotland – and not with the Tories or Lib Dems – and explain to the people how much is at stake and what they stand to lose. Labour must fight to keep the UK together and I believe a united Labour can do this.

Many SNP supporters have told me that they never left Labour, but Labour left them. That was all thanks to New Labour and John McTernan, but Jeremy Corbyn is liked in Scotland, much more than Kezia Dugdale. A strong and united Labour will show the good people of Scotland that we are better together. And together, united, Labour can beat the Tories and win the next election.

New Labour lost 4 million working class voters, many were in Labour’s heartlands that were left behind and neglected. Immigration also played a big part, but the fact New Labour never repealed any of Margaret Thatcher’s policies is why millions working class people felt disenfranchised. Parties like the BNP and UKIP preyed on people’s fears, just like Donald Trump is doing in America – and Labour must never let this happen again. It won’t under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership because nobody will be left behind – and working class areas neglected by New Labour will have investment and growth. Scotland included.

But there is one person who we should all be angry at and that’s David Cameron. He has effectively destroyed the UK, he had no Brexit strategy because he was not expecting Leave to win the EU referendum, and that’s why he did a runner last June. The man is a coward and a snake. Theresa May also appears to have no Brexit strategy and the Tories are deeply divided over Brexit and their recent Budget – but don’t expect Britain’s biased media to accurately report on the infighting within the Tory Party, it’s more concerned about Labour and attacking Jeremy Corbyn.

I believe we are better together and I would hate for Scotland to break away, but it’s not my decision. Whichever way Scotland votes, I wish them well. Nicola Sturgeon is a fantastic leader and has done a brilliant job at holding the Tories to account. She, along with the SNP, have put Scottish Labour and Kezia Dugdale to shame. I have a lot of respect for Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. Oh, and if you’re reading this Mhairi Black, please reconsider quitting politics! You are an absolute legend and I put you in the same league as Jeremy Corbyn, Dennis Skinner, Glenda and the late Tony Benn. Politics needs more people like you.

Only Jeremy Corbyn and Labour can keep the UK together – and now more than ever the UK needs them. If Scotland breaks away then England could be locked in with permanent Tory rule and life for millions of people won’t be worth living – and that includes me.


  1. Rocket1 ? typical response from MSM programmed sheeple. This article is pretty spot on, I can’t see much that I don’t agree with. Scott Nelson, It’s not you who needs help, just all the turkeys who vote for Christmas (-:

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