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Thurrock headteachers write to parents over cash crisis for schools

Educ8THURROCK headteachers have written to parents and carers of their pupils over the cash crisis hitting their schools.

In a letter seen by YourThurrock, headteachers state that they are “saddened by the fact that fro many schools the financial situation does not look like it is improving either in the short or long term”.

The letter gives details of the National Funding Formula (NFF) which begins in April 2018. The letter admits that “the new proposals allocate funding with greater fairness and transparency as all schools across England will be funded via the same methodology.

However, Thurrock headteachers say that this is “undermined” by

1. The ongoing introduction of unfunded costs being placed on schools such as increasing employer National Insurance and pension contributions as well as Educational Service Grant costs. (These costs lie outside the EFF).

2. Schools not receive adequate core funding to meet basic staffing and equipment costs.

3. The government’s decision to make £3 billion of “efficiency savings” from school budgets

The headteachers’ letter then drills down to how Thurrock will be hit.

1. In 2018, Thurrock and Essex secondary schools will still be in the bottom third of the funding levels for 1500 local authorities in England. Th slowest third gain, on average, a further £79 per pupil rising to £144 inApril 2020.

2. After the intro of NFF, unfunded cost burdens will, however, mean such gains are offset to the point where the “clear majority of Thurrock schools” will be no better off (or even worse off)

Headteachers add: “Headteachers in all Thurrock schools are dismayed that our financial situation looks so bleak. Our fears about reduced staffing levels, increased class sizes and reduction in curricular and pastoral provision are likely to become a reality in both short term, media or both”.

“School leaders are united in their belief that the current situation is unfair and unsustainable. We are asking the government, in the strongest possible terms, to fund the 8% cuts to school budgets”.

It ends: “We will continue to do everything in our power to maintain standards of care and provision but also feels that it is important to let you know just how bad matters are at present.

“Your support as we continue with our campaign will be vital.”


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