Thursday, July 25, 2024

Drivers urged to seek compensation over pothole damage

IN light of the latest AIA annual pothole survey which states that our roads will not be fit for purpose in five years, Amanda Stretton, former racing driver and motoring editor at advises drivers to seek compensation when necessary. She says:

“It is shocking that one in six roads in the UK are in such poor condition. While heavy traffic and rainy winters has caused inconceivable damage, it seems that underfunding has meant that local councils are not able to keep up with the repairs, with a 19% decrease in the number of potholes filled last year.

“The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) have estimated that local authorities now need more than £12 billion to repair the roads. Unfortunately for drivers, the cost of replacing suspension springs in a typical vehicle costs as much as £350 – and this is on top of any tyre damage. We would advise drivers to claim compensation either through local authorities or through a comprehensive car insurance policy – provided the driver has evidence to prove the damage was caused by driving on a poorly maintained road.

“Drivers needing to make a claim for pothole damage should do so by making a note of where the pothole is, referencing the date and time of the incident, and taking a photo. Drivers should then contact the body responsible for maintaining the road, either the Highways Agency or the local council, to make a formal complaint. For more details, please visit our step-by-step guide that advises drivers how to claim for pothole damage.

“Compensation claims could end up costing the Government more in the long term than if they were to spend the necessary funds to replace the road surface. We urge the Government to take immediate action to review the investment in the road infrastructure, as this will save everyone time and money.”


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