Friday, March 24, 2023

Thurrock Tory motion to support park named after King George VI descends into chaos

King George

WE think the plan was this: Deputy leader of Thurrock Council, cllr Shane Hebb, presented a motion that proposed that a park in Thurrock be named after King George V1. So far, so good. Conservative, Labour and UKIP politicians all stood up and supported it.

However, as you may see from our film, somewhere along the line it changed from a well-intentioned motion into what has been described by Labour as a “mean spirited politics and deeply cynical”

The motion began at just after 9pm. After this motion there was just one motion left. This motion, proposed by Labour councillor, Barbara Rice said: “Council note consultation has begun on a £15 per week service charge on sheltered homes. This Council believes this is an unfair charge against some of our most vulnerable residents. Council calls on Cabinet to scrap this unfair proposal.

The meeting was set to close by 9.30pm. But as the clock started too click down, Labour feared that the Tories were trying to “filibuster” or “talk out”.

In the end, cllr Barbara Rice had just two minutes for her motion.

Councillor Hebb ended the motion, shaking his head muttering “We are better than this” We are unsure who he was referring to.


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