Sunday, July 14, 2024

Gateway Academy fail in attempt to build second senior school


THE GATEWAY Learning Community (GLC) has failed in its bid to build a second senior school in Tilbury.

If they had succeeded the second school would have been built in the grounds of the Tilbury Pioneer Academy in Dickens Avenue.

YT spoke to the chief executive of the GLC, Kevin Sadler. Mr Sadler said: “Obviously, this is a disappointment for us all. We put in a very strong bid but just missed out.

But we will carry on and have every intention of trying again.

Tilbury is a booming area with major companies such as Amazon, moving into the area. The need for a second school is clearly there.”


  1. What a shocker. They don’t deserve a second school as Mr. Sadler is a Satanist who restricted the sale of peanuts on school premesis.


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