Monday, July 15, 2024

New Thames Crossing: Thurrock residents receive “Compulsory Purchase Order” letters




LESS than 24 hours after the announcement was made over the new Thames Crossing, a number of Thurrock residents have received letters from Highways England.

Although the letters do not use the words “Compulsory Purchase Order”, recipients seem to be in no doubt that their homes and properties may be under threat.

George Abbott from the No to the Thames Crossing Group said: ” I received a letter on Thursday morning. I didn’t receive one first time round but neighbours did, it would appear the whole of Woolings Close (on Baker Street, Orsett) now has this notification.

“Obviously I have received many calls from deeply concerned residents, and am obviously concerned myself. It’s only fair and reasonable we understand timelines from Highways England so if our properties are needed we can start making relevant plans.

“I would like to understand how and when we can discuss modifications to the route that could help save this close and others across the borough and also what timelines Highways England are working towards.

“We have had 18 months of uncertainty already and it’s not fair that we continue to live in this uncertainty open ended”.


  1. […] Highways England aren’t wasting any time in pushing through their Option C (Route 3) plans for the Lower Thames Crossing. Less than 24 hours after the announcement was made about the route on April 13th, residents in areas to be impacted by the approach roads to the crossing have received letters from Highways England leaving them in little doubt that their homes are under threat: New Thames Crossing: Thurrock residents receive β€œCompulsory Purchase Order” letters –… […]


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