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General Election: Tim Aker to put his name forward for UKIP

UKIP MEP and Aveley councillor Tim Aker has put his name forward to fight the constituency of Thurrock in the General Election on Thursday June 8th, 2017.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: “I will be putting my name forward to stand for UKIP in Thurrock General Election.

“June 8th will be Thurrock’s referendum on the EU and the Thames Crossing. Anyone that wants to leave the EU or opposes the Thames Crossing will have only one choice on the ballot paper. While I have always campaigned to leave the EU and fought against the new Thames Crossing, our Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price wanted to stay in the EU and her stance on the Thames Crossing has let many residents down.

“In 2015 Jackie Doyle-Price won on the fear of the SNP and a promise that she had stopped the new Crossing. Now both of these have been proved otherwise, voters will be able to decide who they want an their MP, me as a hardworking local person or JDP, whose record speaks for itself. It’s time for Thurrock to decide.”


  1. Goodbye Jackie Doyle-Price, hello Tim Aker.

    I feel Thurrock has seen enough of the lady who used us as a stepping stone and then refused to support us, stateing her parliamentary position din’t allow for her to speak up for her constituents, me too in times of need, before UKIP were there for us. BYE BYE JDP!

    Its not about the politics for me Thurrock getting someone in whose heart is in the borough and a man who is often seen walking in Grays or Aveley and has time for the constituents.

    GO TIM GO!!!!!


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