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Essex police dog handler saves teenager from freezing river in North Stifford

North Stifford Dog

A BRAVE dog handler entered a freezing river to save a teenager’s life.

Pc Luke Pitchford, a dog handler at our Dog Section in Chelmsford, and his general purpose German Shepherd, Tex, were deployed to search for a missing teenager in North Stifford on April 24.

Luke and PD Tex were searching near the Mardyke River when Tex picked up a recent track. Tex’s nose led them 200 metres along the river edge and down to the river bank where Luke then spotted the teenager struggling in the river.

Without any hesitation, Luke instructed Tex to lie down at the side of the river whilst he waded into the freezing water whilst reassuring the teenager that he was there to help.

He reached the missing person quickly and was able to pull them to the edge and call for the assistance of other officers and colleagues from the ambulance service.

Inspector Brad Dickel said: “Outstanding bravery was shown by Luke, he put his own safety aside to save the teenager’s life. Tex did a brilliant job in tracking the missing person, proving how invaluable our police dogs are.”


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