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Grays man Alfie Millar praised for his Good Samaritan deeds in the London Marathon

A GRAYS man has been hailed as a ‘Good Samaritan” for helping an injured runner for the last four miles of the London Marathon.

Alfie Millar was running the London Marathon for Cystic Fibrosis, and in memory of Thurrock’s Channan Petrides, who had died from the illness last year.

As he approached the 22 mile mark, he could see Merseyside runner Matt Carpanini being held up by his friend and fellow runner, Marc Robey.

Matt had injured his hamstring but was determined to try and make the last four miles.

But the cool morning temperatures had turned into a warm afternoon. But this is where selfless Alfie stepped in.

That is not the end of Alfie’s heroics. He let Matt and Marc get over the line with just 800 metres

Alfie 2Alfie Millar to go in order to help another runner who was struggling.

The three men were separated just before the end of the race, when the hero went to help another struggling athlete cross the finish line.

Mr Roby told the Liverpool Echo: “I got in touch with Alfie afterwards to say ‘thank you so much’ – it was unbelievably kind and he didn’t need to stop.

“The crowd were louder with the three of us walking together than when we were running properly. It was an amazing sea of applause for four miles. It probably took us an hour and 50 minutes.

“In the lead-up we had talked about what time we wanted to get, but it was really all about the experience and then about getting Matt to finish to get a medal.”

Modest Alfie told YT: ” I’m sure everyone would of done the same for me if I was struggling”

Photos courtesy of the Virgin London Marathon.


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