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Blogpost: The Importance of Having Role Models in Your Life | The Inspiration Zone

The Importance of Having Role Models in Your Life | The Inspiration Zone

Jag Singh

IF you have given it your best and no matter what you do, you keep facing rejections – failures and refusals, let me tell you a simple technique if applied correctly could direct you straight towards success. Whether you want to be a writer, athlete, singer or a leader in any other profession,

Jag Singh 2your talents will have to sparkle and your skills are going to have to be the best. If your skills and talents are not up to standard, then you have a high chance of hitting that failure wall again and again. So, here’s a quick technique you can put to work straight away. Find yourself a role model, someone who has achieved exactly what you are trying to achieve and follow the path they did to get where they are today.

You do not have to limit yourself to one role model but you can have as many as you want and learn something different from them all. Once you have found your ideal role model conduct some research to how this individual achieved their success. Find out where, how and why they started in the first place, read their story, re-enact their hard work, take the steps they took and put in the hours they did to achieve success. If you are not prepared to follow the steps of this role model, I have news for you, you are not going to get there and you will constantly be greeted by rejection and failure. Let your passion be your drive, ask yourself why you want to the best, and how you will feel once you reach the top of the mountain and become the best in your chosen field. Thoughts like these will assist in fueling your actions.

Success is never going to come and knock on your door with opening arms, you are going to have to go out there and earn this glory by working hard and smart. Success has its price and we can all learn from the greats who have walked this planet such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pele, and artists such as Lionel Richie. To achieve the greatness these and many others individuals have acquired it took many hours of hard work, commitment and failure. That’s right failure. Because failure is that stepping stone that takes you one step closer to your success and is a test to see if you are going to be persistent or simply give up. Never give up, no matter what happens. So, learn everything you can about your chosen field, find yourself some great role models to follow, put the hours in, and if you follow these steps correctly, one day you will inevitably reach your goals and become a role model yourself for others to follow.

The main purpose and aim of these blogs I write is to remind our readers that by following a few simple steps, their dreams can become a reality. I will repeat – a few simple steps – and that’s exactly all it is. There is no complex formula to achieve success, its actually quite straight forward – start at the bottom, start slow, and progress slowly to become better and wiser in your chosen field. After studying and adapting the motivational field for over 30 years I have come to the realisation that we all create our own luck by applying persistency and using our passion as a constant guide.

If you can’t get yourself motivated to make things happen, although a part of you wants to do and achieve more, send me an email and together we could make a constructive plan designed to tailor fit your goals and dreams. The quicker you start the quicker to will see the results. So, if you are truly serious about becoming the best and achieving the best, drop me an email for more information on how to obtain FREE ‘I-Zone Academy’ Self-Development sessions.


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