King’s Head Action Group pledge to keep fighting despite latest blow

Kings Head

OWNERS of the King’s Head in West Tilbury have put it up for auction, but residents and friends of the pub have vowed that they will not give up on their aim to have it re-opened after a year of closure.

Thurrock Council approved the listing of the property as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) six months ago, retaining it as a pub for the next five years. This led to the owners, AMD Property Ltd from Fobbing, withdrawing their planning application to develop seven houses on the site.

Despite the ACV designation and overwhelming objections from the public, Essex County Council and local authorities to any alternative use, the Grade II listed pub has been put up for sale as a potential development opportunity based on the original scheme with a guide price of £300,000 paid by AMD Property only twelve months ago.

A spokesman for the not-for-profit company formed by the friends of the King’s Head, the West Tilbury Community Pub Ltd, commented, “If the present owners believe the pub has ‘development potential’, then why did they withdraw their planning application? Why did they not develop it themselves? 

“If someone buys the property at auction for the price the owners want then the new owners would be left with a very expensive property that they probably cannot develop or do anything with.

“We urge anyone considering buying the King’s Head at auction to think carefully before bidding but we would welcome any buyer re-opening it as a pub”.

Facebook group: West Tilbury Kings Head Community Pub

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