Sunday, June 23, 2024

GE17: Labour’s John Kent slams talk of “new” Thames Crossing consultation

LABOUR’S Parliamentary candidate John Kent has slammed Tory talk of a “new” Thames crossing consultation, describing it as a deliberate ploy to confuse the issue – as the next consultation will not be what many people think or believe.

He said: “Another consultation was always going to happen, it’s the law, but it will not give us a chance to repeat and strengthen our opposition. This might look like the Tories offering to help Thurrock, but actually they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes – just like last election when Jackie Doyle-Price claimed to have stopped the crossing.

“This consultation will simply be around the detail of the government’s plans, exactly where the new motorway will destroy our green belt; exactly which of our homes and businesses will be knocked down to make way for it; and how close it will go to our towns and villages, our homes and schools.”

John Kent added: “There is also the question of exactly how this motorway will crash through Ockendon, Stifford Clays, Blackshots, Chadwell, and the marshes near Tilbury. Will it all be on stilts, like the M25 over the Mar Dyke at Aveley? Exactly how much noise will residents have to put up with?

“Saying there will be a consultation is aimed at hiding the truth – this Conservative government has totally ignored the people of Thurrock and is imposing its decision upon us.

“We need an MP who will stand up for Thurrock’s case in Parliament, someone who will let local people know what’s happening as soon as possible, and someone who has steadfastly said ‘no new crossing in Thurrock’ since 2010.”


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