Thursday, June 13, 2024

Dementia Tax storm: “Theresa May is taking older people for fools” says Thurrock Labour’s John Kent

John Kent and Dartford Crossing

THE Thurrock Labour candidate for the General Election has asked Thurrock voters to ask the Conservative candidate, Jackie Doyle-Price and her campaigners three questions.

John Kent said: “Theresa May’s Conservative Party is trying to take older people for fools – but they’re messing with the wrong people says

“I urge any Thurrock pensioners that are fortunate enough to get a chance to question Jackie Doyle-Price, or other people wearing blue rosettes, to make sure they take that opportunity.

“Ask why she wants to do away with the triple lock on your pension? This carries the real risk of pensioners sliding back into poverty.

“On top of that, ask why she wants to do away with the winter fuel payment? Ask if they’ve ever had to wrap themselves up under blankets because they have a choice between heating and eating.

“And ask them about the Conservative dementia tax. Under these plans, if you develop any care needs in older age, you may now be forced to sell your house to pay for it, even if the care is delivered in your own home.

“It was back in 2002 Theresa May coined the phrase the Nasty Party and now she’s proving it.

“We think there is a better, fairer, way to treat people that have worked and contributed their whole lives. Only Labour will guarantee the dignity in later life that people in Thurrock need.”


  1. The TorIes always get the Pensioners vote. and the sick thing is she will betray them by voting for privatisation of the NHS and scrapping the state pension. saying those work shy layabouts should get off there arses and do some work for there state pension. If you paid a shilling in in 1956 you should get a shilling back as pension in 2017 but no more if you ain’t paid in you dont get out.

    The Tories went for the unemployed (Sanction tax) and the pensioners worshiped the tories. they then went for the disabled (bedroom tax) and £30 off incapacity the pensioners were silent. Now they target the pensioners there is no one to speak out.

    And the funny thing is the pensioners will to a man and woman vote (right) conservative.


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