GE17: Don’t forget to register to vote

The Stanford Ballot Box

THE general election is just over two weeks away and the clock is ticking on registering to vote.

To vote in the election, you must be registered to vote or face being turned away from the polling station without getting a chance to have your say.

Once you have registered to vote the local voter registration office will send out polling cards to inform you of the polling station you need to attend on June 8 and what your voter number is.

The process of registering to vote is very simple, all online, and should only take around five minutes to complete so long as you have all your details to hand.

Those wishing to vote via a postal ballot must also be registered in the normal manner before the regular deadline, then complete a postal application form and return it to the local electoral office before 5pm tomorrow (May 23).

The deadline for voter registration is 11.59pm tonight (May 22). To register before the deadline visit:

Anyone wanting to vote by post can also download the required form, that needs to be returned by 5pm on Tuesday, May 23, from the same website.

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