Exhibition set to celebrate life of Queen Victoria

FOR one week only, the Thurrock Historic Volunteers will be showcasing a unique exhibition focusing on Queen Victoria in the Thameside Gallery in Grays.


Located on the ground floor of the Thameside complex, the free event is open from 10am-4pm on Friday 16 June for just a single week.

Queen Victoria was the longest reigning monarch after HRH Queen Elizabeth II and the detailed exhibit will focus on her marriage to Prince Albert, along with the lives of her nine children – several of whom married into European Royalty.

Chief Executive, Lyn Carpenter explained: “Victorian Britain was a time of innovation and expansion and this is meticulously covered as part of the display. It was a period of great change and saw the development of the hugely important railway.

“I really urge everybody to take a small amount of time to visit the free exhibition which will show lots of interesting and local photos, articles and research from the Victorian era.”

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