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John takes on Thurrock Cycle Marathon for fibromyalgia

John Fibro

JOHN Stammers from Stanford-le-Hope will cycle in the Thurrock Cycle Marathon on 4th June to support Fibromyalgia Action UK because his mother lives with fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is an incurable condition that causes widespread body pain, extreme fatigue, brain fog and other debilitating symptoms. The cause for this condition is unknown and the treatment options are limited.

John said: “The main reason this charity means so much to me is because about three years ago my mum was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, this was after suffering with the symptoms for about four years prior to the diagnosis.

“She often suffers with many of the symptoms presented by Fibromyalgia such as: fatigue, fibro fog and muscle pain. There are also other family members and friends that suffer from Fibromyalgia. More research is needed to diagnosis this condition quicker and treat it more effectively as currently there is no cure. By donating to my just giving page, you can help sufferers and their families in adapting to a life with this condition”.

John’s mother said: “Fibromyalgia isn’t a condition that just affects the patient. It affects family, friends, work and home life. I have gone from full time work to part time work just so I can cope a bit better with it. My family suffer because of my pain, tenderness and frustration. A lot more research is needed to understand and treat this condition.”

To donate to John’s JustGiving page visit


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