Blogpost: Mr Perrin says: “Shame on you Tim Aker”

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Thurrock’s very own “Jackie-in-the box”.

JUST when you think you have put the lid firmly on the box, up she pops and springs yet another win for the Conservatives in Thurrock, yes Jackie Doyle-Price has done it for the third time in a row. Her team and supporters can be forgiven for the deafening “whooping and hollering” when the result was announced. It was a close run thing but in the end it was Jackie’s night.

For John Kent, the Labour Party candidate, it must have been a bitter-sweet pill to swallow, but, as is his character he accepted his defeat with dignity and good grace, no insults, no sour grapes, no tantrums, just a quiet reminder to Jackie that he will be watching her closely and challenging her when appropriate.

I have, in the past, clashed with John and at times our relationship could, at the very least, be said to be “cool” but I have always rated him as the best Leader of the Council and Leader of the Labour Group Thurrock has had over the past thirty two years I have lived in the Borough. Well done John, you can hold your head high and, I am sure your time as an MP for Thurrock will surely come.

The one sour note of the night was the failure of Tim Aker (UKIP) to appear on the platform, along with Jackie and John, for the declaration of the result. It is so easy to be at the front of your “army” when the battle is going your way but the true mark of your character is how you behave when you are losing. To flee the field and leave your “soldiers” to the mercy of the victors is nothing short of “cowardice”.

There are some members of UKIP, Councillors included, who have worked hard and acquitted themselves well during the past three years, who have striven to get you elected and your reward to them was abandonment. Shame on you Mr. Aker.

I also noted that the Lib-Dem candidate, Kevin McNamara, was conspicuous by his absence maybe he was ill.

Editor’s Note.

We have contacted Tim Aker’s office and Kevin McNamara but had not received a reply at time of publication.

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