Saturday, June 15, 2024

GE17: Jackie Doyle-Price holds Thurrock

JDP 17

CONSERVATIVE Jackie Doyle-Price has held Thurrock. In a nail-biting night, the MP held onto her seat by just 245 votes. Ms Doyle Price won by 92 votes in 2010; 536 votes in 2015 and now 255 votes on Thursday night.

Jackie Doyle-Price (Cons): 19,880
John Kent (Labour): 19,535
Tim Aker (UKIP): 10,112
Kevin McNamara (Liberal Democrat): 798

Maj: 345
Turnout: 64.52%


  1. Obviously JD-P’s recent blood sacrifice of disabled people was good enough for Satan to help her win but only just. Majority almost halved. Considering the fact that the Tories had much longer to prepare for this election, a slashed majority was the best we could hope for.

    I’d like to point out that there’s no hope of saving the only functioning hospital in the borough. Well done, dimwits!

  2. Feeling gutted this morning, the competition between John and Tim where we voted for the people and not the party won Thurrock for JDP, she is not the great MP she thinks she is, will she be a whip this time around and still not take to the floor to represent us.

    Well the lady is not for turning, so without a majority, some of the promises made will make it hard for the Tories to get through Parliament or for the PM to keep her job!

    Another GE in 2017? lets hope so then we can get it right in Thurrock.

  3. Truly disappointed that John Kent did not win. JDP is not a great public servant at all. JK is.

  4. Valen JDP is a whip, then again you might enjoy that. 🙂

    Well done Pensioners you have just lost the NHS and State Pension.

  5. Catching the Bus – I’m not into whips myself. I know JD-P probably is, being a Tory and all. Although I allow JD-P to flirt with me from time to time, if I was forced at gunpoint to either kiss JD-P on the cheek or fellate Donald Trump, I’d go for Trump assuming I could get Theresa May out of the way long enough to do anything.


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