Monday, June 24, 2024

Thurrock business leaders “frustrated” by hung parliament

Essex Chamber of Commerce

THE Chief Executive of the Essex Chamber of Commerce has expressed her frustration over the result of the General Election.

Chief Executive of Essex Chambers of Commerce, Denise Rossiter said “A hung Parliament is not the result that businesses across Essex were looking for. We were hoping for a period of certainty to take the country through the Brexit negotiations and ensure we have the right economic conditions to ensure future growth, this has now been thrown into doubt.

“Although the Prime Minister has entered into an agreement with the DUP to create a government it remains to be seen how this will work in practice and will not answer the questions about certainty for the future that businesses raise”

“Whilst Brexit is important within Essex we have many infrastructure projects that are essential to future growth, such as the Lower Thames Crossing, dualling the A120, improving both the Great Eastern and West Anglia Main lines, that we need the Government to continue to take forward as well as addressing issues around skills, broadband and mobile phone connectivity.

“In the meantime I congratulate those MPs who have been re-elected and welcome those who will be representing businesses and residents in Essex for the first time. We will continue to work with all of Essex’s MPs to ensure we get the best deal for our members in the coming months and years”


  1. Maybe Thurrock and Essex businesses would rather democracy be privatised so they can get the certainty they would like.

    We need to support upcoming businesses who are capitalist and the future. Not the corporations which have since the 2007 crash we have gone to the economic system profiteering. (google it if you don’t understand the definition of profiteering).


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