GE17: Labour candidate John Kent thanks voters

John Kent 2017

Statement from Thurrock Labour candidate John Kent

FOLLOWING Thursday’s general election, Labour candidate John Kent says ” I want to thank all 19,535 people who put their faith in me on Thursday. I was overwhelmed by the huge increase in the Labour vote. Unfortunately it was not quite enough to take victory in Thurrock.

“However, the national situation is far from a ‘strong and stable’ one and many people expect another ballot when the Conservatives’ unsavoury deal with the reactionary DUP falls to pieces.

“Until that time, I can promise Jackie Doyle-Price that I’m not going away; I will be watching her performance day-by-day; I will be supportive where support is due and critical where needed but, above all, as far as the people of Thurrock are concerned, I shall continue to fight for what is in their best interest.”

“When an MP is elected they have a duty to represent each and every person living in their constituency and to seek the best for them all – irrespective of who they voted for and, indeed, whether they voted or not.

“As Jackie only secured a 345 majority, I see it as my role to make sure she now starts carrying out her duty to stand up for the best interests of Thurrock.”

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