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Celebrations at Bonnygate Primary as they receive high praise from Ofsted

BONNYGATE Primary school has been highly praised by government education watchdog Ofsted.

The South Ockendon school was inspected on May 17th and 18th with the report published this week.

Reacting to the report the headteacher Sarah McHugh and chair of governors, Spencer Carter said: “We are overjoyed to announce that Ofsted agreed with our own self-evaluation and said we are a Good school and awarded us Good in all areas.

“This result is a testament to all the hard work and commitment of all staff and pupils in striving to achieve the very best that they can. Thank you to everyone who supported the school through the process and are as proud of the school as we are. The whole team have worked tirelessly through some very challenging times and always with the education and welfare of the children at the forefront of our priorities.

“Thank you to all those parents who also volunteer and support the school – it is very appreciated and never taken for granted.

“As the report clearly states, this is a school that does the best it can to allow the children to make good progress, achieve well and be happy well-rounded individuals. It is rewarding to see Ofsted recognising this and we are very pleased and proud with the findings”.

The report states:

The headteacher has created a new leadership team to help her raise standards. This has proved extremely effective and the school has improved considerably since the previous inspection.

 Governors are well informed and ambitious for the school, and their strategic leadership has played an important part in the school’s development.

 The senior leadership team is meticulous when checking on how well pupils are progressing. This attention to detail has a clear impact on classroom practice so that standards have risen.

Leaders and managers at all levels are clear about their responsibilities, and determined to do their best to help all pupils succeed.

The school spends additional money wisely for disadvantaged pupils and those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. These pupils make good progress across the curriculum.

Safeguarding is effective. Records are carefully maintained and pupils have a good understanding of how to keep safe, including when using the internet.

Teaching is good. Teachers have clear expectations about what pupils can achieve, although there is a lack of consistency in the level of challenge given, especially to the most able pupils.

 Pupils make good progress in all subjects and leave the school ready for a successful start at secondary school. Nevertheless, some pupils could do even better, particularly the most able pupils, so that more pupils attain the highest level.

Pupils behave well in their classrooms and around the school. They are polite and sociable. They enjoy sharing ideas in lessons and work collaboratively with their classmates.

 Senior leaders have introduced a range of procedures to promote regular attendance. Nevertheless, absence rates are still too high and too many pupils, particularly disadvantaged pupils, are persistently absent.

Results submitted to Ofsted’s Parent View website showed that some parents were dissatisfied with the way leaders and managers communicate with them.

The early years foundation stage is good. Staff provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. Children are encouraged to be imaginative in their play and learning takes account of children’s own interests.


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