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Lottery cash boost for a number of Thurrock organisations

Big Lottery

National Lottery grants funding for organisations in Thurrock

A number of Thurrock organisations have received a cash boost from the Big Lottery fund.

The fund aids in building a stronger community, offering people better life chances, developing urban and rural environments and improving health and well being.

The Big Lottery Fund has funded over 400 projects in Thurrock alone since 1999 with a total of over £13.5 million. This life changing money has helped several organisations within Thurrock, giving the community the best opportunities for its locals and residents.

Stanford’s Friends of Hardie Park Organisation received £4,000 towards the development of a ‘men’s shed’ project, this will provide more opportunities for men, reduce social isolation, build friendships, learn skills and come together in activities such as woodworking and gardening.

South Ockendons Associations of Africans in UK was awarded £9,995 towards their ‘Identity…What’s it all about?’ project. The funding will provide educational support classes and hold African study classes for local young people, while helping to create a forum, a blog and the running of a video project. This helps young people to build their confidence and skills while embracing their cultural identity.

Templesprings project also helped the young as it was awarded £10,000 to host a two week long summer camp targeting disadvantaged children aged 5-14. This provides the opportunity for young people to develop a range of musical, social and communication skills deterring them from anti-social behaviour. The youth can engage in a range of activities from music and arts and crafts.

Finally, the Anthonia Oyindamola Folakemi Afelumo Coshare Foundation was funded £9,995. This will go towards the AOFAC Foundation TTP (Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpar) Awareness Program; seminars held and information on TTP will help raise awareness for a serious and potentially fatal condition that particularly affects those in the black minority ethnic community.

James Harcourt, England Grant Making Director at the Big Lottery Fund

“It is great to think that National Lottery players have now raised £36
billion for Good Causes and it’s when you hear about projects like
these that you realise the incredible impact that funding has had on
communities across England.

Whether the grant is for £500, or £500,000, our funding is used to run amazing projects led by local people. It really is life changing.”


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