Tuesday, June 18, 2024

“Thurrock Labour Listens” campaign launched

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THURROCK Labour has launched a new campaign, ‘Thurrock Labour Listens’ to connect with residents across the borough. The project will involve Thurrock Labour activists taking a new approach to engaging with members of the public that focuses upon letting voters explain their concerns, ideas and aspirations for the area.

Speaking at the first Thurrock Labour Listens session Oliver Gerrish, new Leader of Thurrock Labour Group, said:

“Listening is perhaps the most important aspect for any local political party. It’s not good enough to be out and about only at election time. We want to show that we are listening to residents all year round.

“Although at the General Election we saw our vote increase substantially in both Thurrock constituencies, there is clearly still work to do before residents are ready to trust us once again to form the council administration and ultimately return two MPs to Parliament for Thurrock.

“We are determined to work hard to win that trust.

“Thurrock Labour is committed to ensuring that we are representing the views of all members of the borough. We will be taking ‘Thurrock Labour Listens’ to areas, like Little Thurrock, where we are today, which have not voted Labour for a very long time.

“Labour must be the party for the whole borough, representing all our residents and winning their support once again.”

Over coming months, Thurrock Labour will be setting out a range of ways for residents to feed back their views on the future of our borough and what they would expect from a future Labour administration.


  1. I welcome any political party getting out there and communicating with the voters and it is to your credit you are doing this out of election time.

    Now can Jackie Doyle Price do this out of election time I fear not.

    Labour need to use the media better and I worry that Labour will be devilised when Murdoch gains control of BSKYB and its Sky News channel.


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