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Grays councillor slams Thurrock Council over attempt to charge residents over fly-tipping

Fly Tipping

A THURROCK councillor claims the authority is targeting people – many of them vulnerable – whose homes are being blighted by fly-tippers.

John Kent – Labour’s candidate in this month’s General Election and councillor for Grays Thurrock ward – says he has been contacted by people in the Kent and Salisbury Road area of the town telling him the council is demanding thousands of pounds to clean up fly tipping at the back of their homes.

“There is a large amount of fly tipping in the alleyway which I reported back in January, but the has council refused to clear it. In the past the council has cleared alleyways on an occasional basis.

“The council has now written to these people saying they have 14 days to clear the rubbish or the council will clear it and charge them £57.02 each for the privilege.”

He added: “I have emailed the director responsible for this asking him to explain why it will cost the council over £5,000 to clear this up – personally I find that cost extortionate.

“Since raising the issue the leader of the council has issued an apology saying the letters were sent “prematurely.”

“Many of those who received the letters are older and vulnerable and have been frightened by this letter and whilst an apology is welcome it is, frankly, too little too late.

“If the leader of the council really wants to make amends he should instruct officers to remove this rubbish at no cost to the residents – I have written to the leader asking him to do just that”


  1. If these residents used these alleyways to park their cars in garages instead of parking in the roads, the fly tipping would not happen.

  2. Wow Willow, why slate the residents, maybe they cannot get to their garages for the fly tipping, the title tells us that TBC as usual being over zealous and expecting the residents to foot the bill, just like they do with all the other scams they are running reference littering or parking.

    TBC are very quick to take residents to court, but not very quick to do the right things for the residents and support them, our family have issues with TBC over support from social and education services.

    How much did the errant paperwork and distribution cost this time!


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