Labour’s John Kent questions Conservative/DUP deal

LABOUR’S candidate at the general election has questioned the value of the Conservative’s DUP deal for Thurrock residents.

On Monday, it was announced that the DUP had secured an additional £1bn in funding for Northern Ireland in exchange for supporting Theresa May’s

Speaking on the announcement John Kent said:

“The price to tax payers in Thurrock of keeping Theresa May in Downing Street is becoming clear.”

“£1bn for Northern Ireland is over £550 for every person that lives there – great for them but just think what we can do with that sort of money.

“It includes an extra £100 million to “address immediate pressures in health and education,” this at a time when Thurrock schools are facing an £11 million funding cut.

” In addition there’s another £200 million for health while here in Thurrock we are short of 37 GPs and Orsett Hospital is threatened with closure.

“The only thing Thurrock residents will get from this deal is the bill.

“The Prime Minister needs to come clean about where this money is coming from, whether this is a one off payment or if taxpayers will pay out time and time again, and why the people of Northern Ireland seem to be worth more to her government than people here in Thurrock.”

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