School for Social Entrepreneurs launching in Thurrock!

Thurrock Council Offices

IF you live in Thurrock and have an idea for a business, or community project, your dreams could soon become a reality with this very special course!

The programme supports start-up or early stage entrepreneurs who are looking to get going on a new, socially-focused idea.

The new project runs for 18 days over a 12-month period starting in September 2017.

Cllr Sue MacPherson said: “During the programme, you will develop as a leader and gain skills needed to take your social enterprise to the next stage.

“It is incredibly practical, and social entrepreneurs can expect to learn from their peers, build new networks and be challenged by social enterprise experts.”

This programme is backed by the leading social enterprises in Thurrock including Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions, and the Riverside Community Big Local.

Digby Chacksfield, CEO of Eastern Enterprise Hub said “We’re delighted to be working with Thurrock Council and to have the opportunity to bring the School for Social Entrepreneurs East to Thurrock to deliver this exciting programme.

“With Thurrock being the home of several highly successful social enterprises, delivering the programme from here made absolute sense.

“The course will cover the practical elements of setting up a business as well as provide insight from guest speakers who live and breathe social enterprises. This information will enable our entrepreneurs to gain the required knowledge and support they need to take their ideas to the next level.

If you have a great idea for a social enterprise or you’ve already started your journey, please contact the Eastern Enterprise Hub on 01473 527100 or visit to book your place.

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