Sunday, June 23, 2024

MP Jackie Doyle-Price joins colourful Eid celebration in South Ockendon

Eid 2

Eid 1

Colourful Eid Celebration

MUSLIMS in South Ockendon came together to celebrate their EID festival which is the celebration to mark the end of their fasting month Ramadan.

This event took place in Holy Cross community centre. It was an open community event where everyone was welcomed. In attendance was: Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price; Qaisar Abbas, Thurrock Labour’s Ethnic Officer and Fr Francis from Holy Cross church.

Essex Police has shown their presence and support for this event.

A spokesperson said: “People come from all walks of life attended and they all enjoyed the event and had good time. Food was in abundance and in large variety. This all was arranged by local Muslims residents of Ockendon community.

“In these dark days where people live in fear of terror, extremism and hate crime, it is vital that we have events where people can come together in the spirit of harmony and love.

“Through these hard times, we need to support each other and work together across faith boundaries to bring about unity and peace in our neighbourhood.”


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