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Thurrock Council set record straight over traffic warden and funeral incident

Thurrock Council Offices

THURROCK Council has gone on the record to set the record straight over the actions over a traffic warden at a funeral in Grays.

A spokesperson said: “Thurrock Council is aware of the situation where a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) was filmed taking a photo of a limousine vehicle parked outside St Peters and St Paul’s church in Grays. The council would like to be very clear, no parking ticket was issued to the vehicle nor would any ever be issued in these circumstances.

“The action of the individual member of council staff was not in line with appropriate standards and policies of the authority and the council would like to apologise unreservedly for any distress or concern caused as a result of the photograph being taken. All council CEOs will be retrained on Monday 24 July and clarity reiterated around the appropriate role of parking enforcement which does provide an important service to the borough.

The council is also aware of the nature of the comments by a number of people in relation to this matter. The council does not condone racially motivated hate comments about any member of staff or resident and will be passing this information to Essex Police.


  1. Retrained! I wonder if there is any training apart from an in-house, chit chat, the other day saw the enforcers out in an area of congestion, no yellow lines, but parading up and down as vehicles were stationary due to the problems on the road. Teaching them some commonsense surely comes first, what I have seen it is ticket everything without any thought for the situation that vehicle is in.

    Pretty much the same as the litter enforcers, in Grays yesterday didn’t see any improvement in cleanliness if fact, I thought parts of Morrisons car park and the high street were worse, (TBC glady advise they have ‘nicked’ 1800, I can only assume since the head of environment for the council resigned things have gone backwards on the cut it, clean It campaign).

    Shame these guys are not armed with litter picker sticks and bags themselves and in those quieter moments could in fact put in some positive work to cleaning our borough, like they do on the M25 where the ISU (incident support units support maintenance teams cleansing the verges)

    It does seem as though TBC and other councils have a thing against the very people that pay their wages (taxpayers) (I am aware that not all the offenders are from Thurrock)

    It seems as though TBC are no the only enforcers with no commonsense.

    LB tower Hamlets have been at it too.

    Fining a 5 year old girl £150 for setting up and selling cups of lemonade to festival goers for 50p.

    Taken from BBC news website.

    A five-year-old girl who was fined £150 by a council for selling 50p cups of lemonade has received dozens of offers to set up stalls at other events.
    Andre Spicer, a business school professor, had let his daughter set up a stall to sell refreshments outside Lovebox Festival, East London, when four council officials fined the pair for trading without a licence.

    Tower Hamlets Council has since apologised for issuing the fixed penalty notice and cancelled the fine.

    Sad as it seems I think the wage cap has drained the LA’s of the quality of staff we once had and the many graduates that now sit in front of computer screens pressing buttons without any real understanding of why, commonsense and experience are far removed now.

  2. Get the Enforcement Officers over to The Broadway, trying to get through there of an evening is be coming a joke, Takeaway Delivery Drivers Vehicles parked up both sides of the road and up on the pavement.

  3. That’s not in the brief the softer targets, like schools are where they can be seen mornings and afternoons, the night time might present a bigger challenge and they may not be trained to work in the dark, lol.


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