Review of Hemmingway’s new debut single ‘Rise Again’

By Nafisat Ishola

THIS impressive song has an upbeat tempo for an intro, which captures the listener’s imagination by being atmospheric and establishing a good beat that sets up the rest of the song. The solid beat and strong engaging rhythm grabs your intention and carries you throughout the song.

The repetitive lyrics are meaningful and the singer expresses this with a rich consistency of her vocal tone. The melody is unique yet strong; with the minimal use of lyrics listeners are drawn to the dynamic and original beat. This is definitely a song that once you listen to it and it comes on again, you know the song and the lyrics.

Overall, this is a great performance and song. The melody is tuneful and catchy. The singer possesses an attractive vocal tone while really putting feeling into the meaningful lyrics that tells a story. The guitar solo after each chorus complements the vocal track flawlessly. The quality of the song is high throughout, both instrumentally and vocally. The song is original and distinctive, and I think it has potential.

The band ‘Hemmingway’ bring elements of drum n bass, grime, punk, electro and pop together to create their own unique sound.

They have spent much of 2017 in the studio, writing and recording their debut; self titled EP, due out in September.

Their debut single, ‘Rise Again’ is released on July 27th, and has already received tons of support, being played on BBC Introducing, Phoenix FM, Miskin Radio, Colne FM and CCR FM.

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Impressive upbeat song – 9/10

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