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Blogpost: Increase your confidence at The I-Zone Academy

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How to increase your confidence and self-esteem…Right now!

Jag Singh – The I-Zone Academy

I am now going to tell you a quick and simple method on how to increase your confidence levels and self-esteem –

Imagine –

With strong levels of confidence you will be able to tackle all your challenges in life with a positive attitude.

Imagine –

You will be able to go out there and have the confidence to apply for that job, get that job and succeed in your chosen field. You will be able to write that book, go for that audition and give it your best!

Imagine –

You will be able to go out there and find that lifetime partner that you have been seeking, but struggle to find, because with your new found confidence you will become unstoppable in your search.

I am not just ‘talking the talk’, I have ‘walked the walk’ because during my years of self-development coaching I have helped many individuals use this simple technique to increase their confidence and self-esteem. These are the components that will guide you to your dreams. So here it is, a quick and effective method that you can put to work straight away!

First, I am going to ask you a simple question and I want you to be true to yourself when answering:

What is your feel good factor? (FGF) What is that makes you feel good about yourself?

Now as I said, be truthful and be honest.

What is your feel good factor?

When people come to me and say that they lack self-esteem and confidence and can I help them – This is the first question I ask them, many individuals turn around and say that they have maybe one or two things that make them feel good about themselves, but many turn around and say that they have no ‘feel good factors’ at all, absolutely nothing.

So, the first step I ask these individuals to take is to find their ‘feel good factors’, trust me they are there, you just need to find and appreciate them. Let’s quickly go through a FGF checklist:

FGF Checklist:

Do you support your family? FGF!
Are you in full-time employment and provide food, shelter and much more for your family? FGF!
Are you a helpful and caring individual?
Are you loyal and trustworthy?
Are you giving it your best to find happiness in life?

Do not let these FGF’s go unnoticed celebrate them and remember the list above is non-exhaustive, the more the merrier! Think about all those lives you have impacted, or will one day. Being alive! Wow, what a feel good factor, you are alive! Appreciate this great gift we have been given called life!

You don’t have to stop there, you can even create more FGF’s right now! Yes right now! You don’t have to go out there and earn a millions pounds, get that mansion or expensive car to feel good about yourself, you can start with the simple things that make a big difference. You could do this by just having that shave, having your hair styled, attending the gym, managing that time to write your book – these can all become your FGF’s! Refusing that plate of greasy food! Taking time to hug your loved ones and tell them how special they are! The list is endless – and guess what – the more FGF’s you have and create, the more you will notice your self-esteem and confidence grow.

Once you master this simple yet effective method, and begin to celebrate and create more FGF’s your confidence levels will increase inevitably. If you ever find yourself feeling down, take a deep breath and go through your list of FGF’s then watch your attitude become positive and empowering within seconds.

Once you begin to follow this method on a daily basis you will find yourself become more focused, appreciate yourself more and the people around. You, yes you would have taken responsibility for yourself and raised your self-esteem single-handedly higher than it has ever been before.

So, go on a quest and find those feel good factors, create those feel good factors – Flood yourself with those FGFs no matter how big or small – do this my friend and I can guarantee that you will eventually become – unstoppable!

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