Monday, June 5, 2023

The Disgrace of Davy Down: Part Three

Rave 3

FOR the third time the summer, South Ockendon residents had a sleepless night due to an “illegal rave” down in Davy Down Park.

This is the third time this has happened.

In previous years, Essex Police have enacted key legislation in order to ‘close it down” But with police numbers stretched to the maximum, it now appears that the police in Thurrock are just giving it “passing attention”.

One of our readers went down to the park on Sunday morning and photographed the aftermath.


  1. Thurrock Tories are Tough on Police Numbers, soft on Crime. vote Jackie Doyle Price make a policeman near you redundant.

    Thurrock Conservatives making sure crime always pays in Thurrock.

  2. is it a crime to be asking for decent facilties though these people clearly have a need the nearest night clubs are basildon and romford thurrock does not even have a bowling alley, we are second to only london for growth capability and successive thurrock goverments do nothing to promote a decent thurrock economy are the 180,000 populace of thurrock really that not important


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