Letter to Editor: Raves are popular as there is a lack of entertainment in Thurrock

Rave 2


I have noted the ongoing saga of these Ockendon “raves”. Whilst I do not deny people have a right to moan if being kept up at night, it is a useless notion to overlook the fact this problem has only come about becuase of our inept council to promote Thurrock as a safe vibrant place to be and letting successive night time economies go down the pan such as Pzzaz, Rumours etc.

We are supposed to be an economic power house second to only London, and level which our neighbours over the river in Gravesend are on the same level (Paramount Park?). Should we not be pulling above our weight, could the council not use it’s powers to promote a venue at reduced rent for a set up period, with a precept part paid for extra street presence.

Has this situation not been created by our own local goverment.

The simple fact is the police will never disperse a crowd of drunk people. The simple fact is Thurrock has a population nearing 180,000 at estimates, and has no night time economy, not even a bowling alley.

Does no one else find it a bit shocking. I challenge anyone to name one other council within a 200 mile radius of Thurrock that has around the same population and also has no bowling alley. Is this not a sign our elect officials are failing in their job of promoting an area that has the potential and clout to punch above its weight yet fails to do so? The college is now in Grays as a hint this means a increased footfall of around clubbing age people as if the market is not there for one?

Is it short-sighted to not look at the problem which could be a root cause of why this is happening. Are we not being let down? Is there no pride in Thurrock no more? Are we nothing to the council, do we not deserve to have fun facilities and be proud to spend our money within the economy?

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