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Your Thurrock at the Edinburgh Festival

YOUR Thurrock spent three days in August at the World’s biggest arts festival in Edinburgh. We were delighted to work in collaboration with The Edinburgh Reporter.

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So here are the links to the shows we covered.



By Ben Clover

Royal Overseas League

There are some comedians that just seem to be nice people with a nice turn of anecdote and phrase. There doesn’t appear to be a career trajectory just a desire to get up on stage and be funny.

If you have been attending the fringe for over 35 years (as this reporter has) then you get the impression that this type of comedian may have a longer life expectancy than others.

Ben Clover is an engaging comedian who immediately engages the audience from the start. His show meanders but at its heart is the Inheritance proposal made to him by a sort of friend.

Ben’s show is one of those that a sideways look at life as opposed to a sideways swipe. The type of comedian that you would like to drop in on in a couple of years and find out how married life is and being a father.

This is a “Pay What You Can” show and we do implore you to put it into your itinerary at 3.15 at the Royal Overseas League in George Street.

Marks: 3/5

The Thinking Drinkers

Underbelly Ermintrude

2035 hrs

THE THINKING Drinkers have been playing to sell out audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe over August.

There is a slight incentive to see the show for anyone who likes a little tipple. There are five free drinks. We won’t reveal what drinks they are but they are impressive little tipples (in case you thought you were getting a crate of Prosecco) and they are relevant to the show.

It is the narrative that drives the show and the talents of Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham who produce an entertaining and educational hour of fun.

To be clear, their mantra is “Drink Less Drink Better” and it intertwines the history with humour. On a number of occasions, you say “Well I never knew that” and you also do get an opportunity to appreciate the drinks, which is the point of the show.

Praise must also go to the efficient way so many drinks are served to such a number of people.

Ben and Tom are a great team and have a natural symbiosis, like gin and tonic, we suppose.

About The Thinking Drinkers

Rating: 4/5


Review: Rendered Retina


Edinburgh Fringe

Pleasance Dome

It seemed appropriate that the first review of many for The Edinburgh Report by YourThurrock should indeed be a Thurrock company.

We have followed Rendered Retinas for a number of years and so to see them at the world’s largest arts festival is very encouraging.

Form finds them on top form. Being on at noon is a challenge in itself but they have produced a wonderfully engaging and thought provoking piece of physical theatre. If you don’t take our word for it believe the audience who laugh and applauded on several occasions throughout.

This piece was move perfect and it certainly had some challenging moments and movements. The “big gag” was the going down the stairs piece but there was so much more to their timing pace and projection.

The young men in a tight space use the props the room and the atmosphere really well.

There is also a very effective use of original music.

There is also a range of emotions on display that are judged very well. This is a comedy, a farce, a serious reflection on the world of work. Infact it is any or all of these things.

What it definitely is a class performance and it is no wonder that it has really attracted attention and garnered plaudits.



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