Tuesday, May 30, 2023

South Ockendon illegal raves: Two given warnings for “causing misery to community”.

OVER the last few months, as many as five unlicensed raves have taken place across the South Ockendon area leaving neighbours frustrated but two men living locally have been handed Community Protection Warnings.

Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods, Cllr Sue MacPherson said: “It is completely unacceptable that unlicensed events have been causing misery to the local community. The Council has been picking up the bill in terms of cleaning up public land after the events have taken place – which also means our environment team isn’t completing its regular scheduled work.”

Cllr MacPherson added: “The Council has been working with Essex Police and private land owners. Our noise nuisance teams visit when complaints are received but the Council relies on Essex Police to enforce the stoppage of events. Quite honestly, I think the Police have far more important work to be doing keeping us safe than dispelling a group of people who want to party in the woods, so we need a way to stop these events once and for all.

“It isn’t fair on the families, businesses or frankly every tax-payer in Thurrock who ends up footing the bill.

I’m pleased to hear that two males who live in South Ockendon and believed to be the organisers, have been handed Community Protection Warnings. In addition, I understand legal action is being considered to try and recoup some of the costs the land owner and council have had to pay out to clean the mess left behind.

“My thanks go to Essex Police and all the partners who are continuing to support the work in stopping these illegal raves.”

Chief Inspector Richard Baxter, District Commander for Thurrock, said: “Unauthorised events like these are a noise nuisance to local residents and often leave local communities with a great deal of mess to clear up.

“These events can also pose a real risk to the safety of those who attend as the proper health and safety checks are often not undertaken.

“This is completely unacceptable and we continue to work with our partners at Thurrock Council and local landowners to tackle this issue.

“When we are called to a noise disturbance, we assess the situation and the threat, harm and risk it poses to those attending and the local community and take the appropriate action.

“We also use the powers available to us, such as Community Protection Warnings, to deal with those found responsible for the events as well as seizing equipment.

“I would encourage anyone who has any information about an unauthorised or unlicensed event to contact us with what they know on 101.”

For more information on anti-social behaviour, visit: thurrock.gov.uk/anti-social-behaviour


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