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Thurrock Ukip leadership threaten to stand down If Anne-Marie Waters wins leadership election

Snell Jones

Thurrock Leadership To Stand Down If Anne-Marie Waters Wins Leadership Election

Statement by leader of Thurrock Ukip group, cllr Graham Snell and deputy leader, cllr Roy Jones

“When we joined UKIP, we did so primarily because we wanted to do our bit to help bring about our country’s exit from the EU. We were proud to stand for election and go on to become UKIP Councillors and we have both worked hard to serve the communities that put their faith in us at the ballot box. Ours is a patriotic Party, a Party that values the traditions of this Country and its people. A Party that believes our laws should have supremacy, not the laws of a foreign, un-elected bureaucracy. Locally, we have tried hard to focus on our residents needs and ensure their concerns are at the heart of everything we seek to do. The Party that we both signed up to believes that everybody should be treated with respect and within the Laws of the Land, that no one group should be singled out for ‘special attention’ because of the misdeeds of a few.

Unfortunately, there is a candidate in the up-coming leadership election who has chosen to stand on a principle upon which we, as Leader and Deputy Leader of the UKIP group, do not agree with. Anne-Marie Waters has chosen to single out those following the Muslim faith for ‘special attention’. She wants UKIP to become the anti-Muslim Party and has set out a whole range of anti-Muslim policies. It is her absolute right to so, if she feels so very strongly about the subject she is perfectly entitled to make it her election platform. However, it is fundamentally at odds with everything we joined UKIP for. It is an agenda we do not agree with and will not follow should Anne-Marie win.

Therefore, we both give notice that; in the event that Anne-Marie Waters wins the UKIP Leadership election, we will be resigning our membership of the Party the very next day and will be standing down as UKIP Councillors to spend the rest of our terms as Independents.

We both hope that it doesn’t come to that but we felt it important that all of our members locally and across the Country be made aware of our stance on this matter.

With Regards

Councillor Graham Snell
Leader,Thurrock UKIP Group.

Councillor Roy Jones
Deputy Leader, Thurrock UKIP Group



  1. Pair of misogynists and typical UKIP closet lefties. This is why UKIP is finished as a viable opposition. These two are typical of the cowards now left in UKIP that do exactly as UKIP management tells them or get their membership removed if they don’t do as they’re told. UKIP is now a huge joke and the leadership race as always is a complete farce thought of infighting, backstabbing and fake “party unity”. They were once the party we all had our hopes for. Now they are a cringing embarrassment. These two are a typical representation because they are completely out of touch with public opinion.


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