Friday, July 19, 2024

UKIP threaten vote of no confidence in Thurrock Tory leader over “Grass Tax”.

THURROCK UKIP has threatened to deliver a vote of no-confidence in the Tory run administration at Thurrock Council over a controversial “Grass Tax’.

As previously reported, Thurrock Council plans to introduce a new system of service charges for those in council housing.

UKIP Thurrock has expressed their concern that “the integrity of Thurrock Council’s scrutiny system has been placed in jeopardy by the actions of the Conservative administration”.

A spokesperson said: “The Conservatives have knowingly hid key elements of the ‘Grass Tax’ from Committees, Cabinet, Full Council and the public consultation. In doing so they have demonstrated contempt for the democratic process. This has been compounded by misleading letters and statements sent and made to residents, elected members and the local media” they claim.

Graham Snell, UKIP Thurrock Group Leader stated: “If the Tories don’t step back from this disastrous ‘Grass Tax’ and allow proper scrutiny to take place then all options are on the table. This includes the option of calling for a vote of no confidence in the Leader of the Council, Cllr Gledhill. Cllr Gledhill is solely responsible for this mess and may find himself out of a job if he doesn’t accept that he has demonstrated a terrible error of judgement.

“Like most members I take the roles I hold on scrutiny committees very seriously. Scrutiny is a vital element in making sure that council policies are fit for purpose and offer good value for money to taxpayers. The Tories need to understand that the UKIP group will do what is necessary to protect the integrity of the council.

“Quite frankly I’m astonished at the actions of the Tories in this instance. Especially considering they are a minority administration who gained less than 30% of the vote in the last local elections, finishing third.”

YT will be contacting with Thurrock Conservatives and Labour for a reaction.


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