Saturday, June 3, 2023

“Grass Tax”: Labour not ruling out joining Ukip’s vote of no confidence

Oliver Gerrish 17

THE LEADER of the Thurrock Labour group has refuse to rule out joining Ukip’s threat of a vote of no confidence in the Conservative leader of Thurrock Council over a controversial ‘Grass Tax”.

Leader of the Thurrock Labour Group, cllr Oliver Gerrish said: “We oppose the so-called ‘Grass Tax’ fully and it is important to repeat that it would not have happened under a Labour administration. We are fighting these new service charges alongside local residents and have been out campaigning to try and stop them, as we have done since the start of the year.

“There are some very serious questions to answer about how this policy was brought forward and taken through the council’s democratic processes – not least that the very clear opposition of the majority of councillors has been ignored. I believe the issue transcends party politics and so we will work with anyone opposed to these damaging charges.

“The Thurrock Labour Group hopes that a motion of no confidence is not necessary and that the Tory administration will make a U-turn, but we will not flinch from doing everything in our power using council procedure to support our residents and fight for a fairer Thurrock.

“I am calling once again on the Tories to abandon this unfair tax on council tenants.”

There are 49 councillors in Thurrock. 18 Conservatives, 17 Ukip and 14 Labour.

Th next council meeting is on September 27th.

YT contacted the leader of Thurrock Council, cllr Rob Geldhill on Monday but have not had a response.


  1. The Grass tax has pushed me onto Benefits. along with the bedroom tax and other measures to make the poor pay for there own needs, within there means, that they dont have.


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