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Thirteen tough questions for under-fire Thurrock Council leader

Rob Gledhill Grenfell

UNDER-fire Thurrock Council leader, cllr Rob Gledhill looks set to face an intense grilling at next week’s full meeting of the Thurrock Council.

A total of thirteen questions have been tabled on a variety of subjects. There are five questions from UKIP, five from Labour and three from the Conservatives.

The question are:

From Councillor Jones to Councillor Gledhill

Would the Leader explain to Members and the residents of Thurrock what measures are this Conservative administration putting into place to combat the rising crime rates and ASB in the Borough?

From Councillor G Rice to Councillor Gledhill

Please will the Leader of the Council confirm that every Council resident living outside a grass verge will be charged £5 per week for grass cutting, does this mean a weekly cut will take place?

From Councillor Spillman to Councillor Gledhill

To date how much has the 1% cut in social rents cost Thurrock Council and how much is it estimated to cost in total by 2020?

From Councillor Jones to Councillor Gledhill

Does the Portfolio Holder for Housing believe that tenants in general needs Council properties, who will soon be liable to pay a service charge were adequately consulted?

From Councillor Allen to Councillor Gledhill

Can Council explain why so many residents in general needs housing that are without any communal areas are receiving letters telling them they need to pay a service charge?

From Councillor Fish to Councillor Gledhill

I have received many complaints from residents on Seabrooke Rise about youth nuisance. Can the Portfolio Holder tell me what steps the administration is taking to deal with this?

From Councillor Gerrish to Councillor Gledhill

Does the Leader agree that Thurrock Council lacks the managerial leadership to deliver big or transformational projects?

From Councillor Gerrish to Councillor Gledhill

Does the Leader believe that the new tenant service charges makes Thurrock fairer or less fair?

From Councillor Smith to Councillor Gledhill

Would the Portfolio Holder confirm that all communal residencies in the housing stock meet the full and latest fire safety requirements, in particular fire escapes and entry and exit fire doors?

From Councillor Pothecary to Councillor Gledhill

At Full Council in March I submitted a petition on behalf of the residents of Seabrooke Rise and the six Grays high rises against introducing new tenant service charges. What consideration was given to this petition by the Portfolio Holder in making the decision to push ahead with plans for new tenant service charges?

From Councillor Collins to Council Gledhill

Is the Leader able to outline what the £2 million he expects to raise from the new service charges will be used for?

From Councillor Redsell to Councillor Gledhill

Could the Leader outline the actual cost of building council homes agreed under Labour?

From Councillor Redsell to Councillor Gledhill

Can the Leader outline what the housing rent levels are now and what they would have been had Labours 2015 plan been adhered?


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