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Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price raises “Dementia Tax” again

Jackie Doyle Price

PENSIONERS should not regard their homes as “an asset to give to their offspring” says Thurrock MP and Care Minister, Jackie Doyle Price.

Her comments have made the front page of the Daily Telegraph in comments that seem to fly in the face of Conservative promises that people could pass on to their children the homes they have “worked and saved for”.

Ms Doyle-Price added that it was “unfair” for young tax payers to “prop up people to keep their property” when it could be sold to pay for their care needs.

The Tories shelved a manifesto plan to make middle class pensioners pay towards care they receive in their own homes after it proved unpopular with voters but critics have now suggested the policy is about to be resurrected and so people may find pensioners may be forced to sell their own homes.

More of Jackie Doyle-Price’s comments can be seen in a video of the meeting at the Conservative Party Conference.

Asked whether Ms Doyle-Price’s comments represented government policy, a government spokesperson said: “We clearly recognise that there is an imbalance in the current system with the way people’s assets are treated depending on whether they need to domiciliary care or not, but as a party we want to be able to promote people passing on property to their children as much as possible.”

Under the current system, people who need residential care face losing al but £23,250 of their assets, inclusive their home, but family property is not included in the means test for those being cared for at home, who often include people with dementia.


  1. Shocking. Pensioners have paid National Insurance into the system for 50 plus years and now she wants to cheat them out of there hard earned homes.

  2. This outrageous suggestion comes from someone whose salary and expenses are paid from the “public purse” i.e. the taxpayer. In a conversation I had with Cllr Coxshall, her husband, I pointed out that MPs were, in my opinion, every bit as much public sector workers as junior doctors, nurses, road sweepers, and council employees and that the iniquitous 1% pay cap imposed on public sector workers should have included MPs, his response was he agreed Jackie Doyle-Price was already adequately paid and did not need a pay rise of even 1% but was obliged to accept a rise considerably higher as it had been recommended by an independent body. Cllr Coxshall went on to say that he and Jackie were having some “difficulty” deciding what to do with the extra money, my heart bleeds for them in their difficulty. Most people have for many years paid national insurance contributions to pay for their care in old age, to suggest that they are a financial burden on succeeding generations is not only insulting but also disingenuous. I believe the views of Ms Doyle-Price on this matter illustrate she has no experience of hardship or sacrifice and no time or sympathy with those who have.


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