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Blogspot: Mr Perrin says: “We need to talk about Kevin……”

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Mr. Perrin’s blog; A Word in Your Ear

HOW should UKIP solve the problem of a “free-Wheeler” called Kevin? For a start they need to stop just “talking about Kevin”.

I am referring to the conduct of Ockendon Cllr Kevin Wheeler. His conduct could be described as disgraceful and unbecoming of a person holding a position of public office.

If his conduct toward a female member of the public at the September meeting is substantiated then I believe it exceeded disgraceful and was intimidating.

He is referred too, by some of his UKIP colleagues, as a “loose cannon”, a description I consider far too mild.

They need to stop being in denial that his behaviour is a cause for concern and take firm disciplinary action, such as expulsion or at least withdrawal of the Party “whip”, thereby isolating him for the remainder of his term which ends in 2019.

My advice to the UKIP Group is, stop this runaway, free-Wheeler in his tracks before he causes you even more damage ending in your party crashing out of local politics.

It would be unfair of me to say that Cllr Wheeler was the only badly behaving councillor, and it would be remiss of me not to admit that sometimes members of the public are guilty of bad behaviour. The language of some councillors leaves a lot to be desired as also does the confrontational nature adopted by some councillors when dealing with members of the public in the public gallery.

It behoves councillors to be respectful to members of the public even when they feel they, themselves, are being disrespected.

Resorting to trading insults or joining battle with those in the public gallery does nothing to endear councillors to the public, on the contrary it further fuels an already incendiary situation and may well cost them dear if or when seeking re-election.

Editor’s Note: We have contacted Cllr Wheeler to give his side of the story regarding alleged incident referred to above.


  1. I love the way you have used language here, free-wheeler and stop talking about Kevin, good stuff as the young folks say.


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