Sunday, June 4, 2023

Prime Minister Teresa May slaps down Jackie Doyle-Price over “Dementia Tax”

Lyn Doyle

PRIME Minister Theresa May said it is ‘fair and right’ the elderly can pass their homes down to their family creating distance from Thurrock MP’s Jackie Doyle-Price.

The PM’s spokesman said: ‘We have said that where there are care bills that it is right that where people can contribute that they do so.

‘Where the Prime Minister is also clear is that where people have worked hard all their lives they should be able to pass that on to their children.’

Tory minister Jackie Doyle-Price has reignited the ‘dementia tax’ row that destroyed Theresa May’s election campaign by warning the elderly their homes are not assets to pass on.

He added: ‘It’s fair and right that where people have worked hard all their lives to build up these assets they can be passed on.
‘This is a complex issue with an ageing population. The government has said it will be bringing forward proposals in due course and that’s what we will do.


  1. The NAZI Luftwaffe tried to take my home in 1940 Now JDP wants too.
    What did us wartime generation fight for? homes fit for hero’s.

  2. This outrageous suggestion comes from someone whose salary and expenses are paid from the “public purse” i.e. the taxpayer. In a conversation I had with Cllr Coxshall, her husband, I pointed out that MPs were, in my opinion, every bit as much public sector workers as junior doctors, nurses, road sweepers, and council employees and that the iniquitous 1% pay cap imposed on public sector workers should have been imposed on MPs, his response was he agreed Jackie Doyle-Price was already adequately paid and did not need a pay rise of even 1% but was obliged to accept a rise considerably higher as it had been recommended by an independent body. Cllr Coxshall went on to say that he and Jackie were having some “difficulty” deciding how to spend the extra money. Most people have for many years paid national insurance contributions to pay for their care in old age, to suggest that they are a financial burden on succeeding generations is not only insulting but also disingenuous. I believe the views of Ms Doyle-Price on this matter are those of someone who has no experience of hardship or sacrifice and no sympathy with those who have.

  3. Peter you bring up something I would like Michael to ask JDP.

    Whats the longest JDP has been on benefits in her life? and has she ever claimed unemployment benefit?

    If she is to represent us she should reflect the average in Thurrock. AND HAVE BEEN THERE.


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