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Gable Hall School exam results graded “Below Average” by government

Gable Hall

THE LATEST set of exam results published by the government appear to make grim reading for Gable Hall School in Corringham.

Since 2016, schools have been judged on what is called Progress 8, which marks a pupil’s progress from the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) to the end of Key Stage 4 (Year 11).

According to the (provisional) results, that were released on Thursday, seven out of the ten senior schools in Thurrock have improved on their 2016 grades but three have not. They are Ormiston Park Academy, Gable Hall School and Ockendon Academy.

Arguably, it is the Gable Hall Academy result that will raise eyebrows and may stoke further concerns, that a number of parents have, with the direction the school is going under the (executive) leadership of Dr Sophina Asong.

Dr Asong is also in charge of Hassenbrook Academy which has also been ranked “Below Average”.

Dr Asong is not available for comment.

Schools ranking

Well Above Average

1. Harris Academy
2. Grays Convent

Above Average

3. St Cleres


4. William Edwards
5. Gateway Academy
6. The Hathaway Academy
7. Ormiston Park Academy

Below Average

8. Hassenbrook Academy
9. Gable Hall
10. Ockendon Academy

Progress 8 1

Progress 8 2

You can find full details of the exam results in the link below.

This is provisional data which does not include re-marks. Revised data will be released in January 2018 and finalised data in Spring 2018.


  1. Why is there apparently no robust action being taken by the RSC or DfE?
    This data only confirms the decline in standards over a number of years. It is not “new”. Ask: how many children on roll are on part time timetables? How many different teachers a child has for a single subject such as English or maths? What percentage of teachers leave each year and how many are agency teachers?


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