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Highways England reveal changes to Lower Thames Crossing route

Crossing Oct 17

CHANGES have been made to the route of the Lower Thames Crossing.

Highways England is now proposing that the route between the A2 in Kent and A13 in Thurrock is three lanes in both directions, which will involve widening the A2 in Kent to junction 1 of the M2 to improve traffic flows.

The junction of the A13 has been redesigned to improve traffic flows and the junction with the A128 has been removed.

It is understood that concerns from the Thurrock community about the effects of a junction at Orsett Cock on local roads and traffic levels has led to changes to the link to the A13.

A new junction and link road at Tilbury is included following widespread support for the investment in order to boost the local and regional economy by improving the connections to the Port of Tilbury.

Highways England believes the junction changes proposed for Tilbury will reduce HGV traffic on local roads.

Highways England is also proposing that the route between the A13 in Essex and A2 in Kent is three lanes in both directions and through the tunnels.

A new design for the proposed junction with the M25 between junctions 29 and 30 is now being progressed.

It aims to provide a safer junction with greater capacity that also blends better with the local landscape.

In Kent, the proposed junction with the A226 has also been removed following feedback from residents and businesses that it would increase local traffic in the area.


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