Aveley Christmas Market cancelled as organiser falls in snow

THE AVELEY Christmas market set for Sunday has been cancelled after snow and a fall suffered by the organiser.

YT understands that Rev Alan Field fell heavily on Saturday afternoon putting up Christmas lights.

Aveley councillor, Luke Spillman has told us that Rev Field has suffered a “broken rib and a punctured lung”.

This has come as a great disappointment to a number of stall holders who were looking forward to what is a traditionally popular event.

We all wish Rev Alan a speedy recovery.

The Aveley Christmas Market Committee has issued the following statement.

“It is with sadness and regret that Aveley Village Community Forum, have had to cancel this year’s Christmas Market. We too had hoped that the snow, would of added to the atmosphere of the market, however the stall providers could not guarantee, because of forecasted weather that they could return in time to collect and clear the road of stalls in time for the road to be re-opened.

Therefore, at around 8:30am the decision was made to cancel the market because of the following:

1) Weather conditions at the time and with the forecast not improving over the day.

2) The stall providers could not guarantee that the stalls would be collected on time for the road to be reopen, if the weather conditions did not improve. Therefore, we could not guarantee reopening the high street at the stipulated road closure notice. We did not want to cause any further inconvenience to the community. Which I am sure you all will understand this.

“It is the first time in the history of the Aveley Christmas Market that this action has been taken and it was a difficult decision by all and we had to work with the information available and regulations regarding the road closure and we are just as disappointed as the rest of the community are. Especially in light of the time and effort that we had invested in arranging the event over the last year.

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