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Former Dollar star David Van Day to stand for election in Thurrock

EIGHTIES pop star, David Van Day is set to stand for election in local elections next May.

South Ockendon resident, Van Day will be standing for the Conservative Party in the ward of Aveley and Uplands in May 2018.

David Van Day

He will be up against the sitting UKIP councillor and MEP Tim Aker.

Cllr Aker is defending a 227 majority but the Conservatives will be keen to take a seat in a ward they dominated between 2004 and 2012.

Mr Van Day is no stranger to politics as he stood for the Conservatives in Brighton several years ago.

He has been seen out on the doorstep over the last few months.

YT has spoken to Mr Van Day who has confirmed he has been selected by the Thurrock Conservatives.

David Van Day had several hits in the eighties as part of the duo, Dollar.


  1. Didn’t rate his singing, like the bit no stranger to politics surely if he was any good he would still be in Brighton, he is living on past reputations and to be fair, most people would either have forgotten him (like I did, he never did stick in the memory) and the rest probably have no clue who he is.

    So I won’t be backing him for local elections…..

  2. Tory Tony is a busy man.
    After convincing all the wets out there he was the man for the job we elected him and what happened??? In true Labour style he ruined the country that’s what.
    One must not forget the 60 plus stealth taxes he and his incompetents forced upon the working classes and then he’s gone…where??To buy up lots of expensive flats in Manchester to rent at a premium that where.
    Yes, sadly Tory Tony was the true face of Labour.
    Lets not forget he is the reason we have so much austerity today. Oh and he removed treason from the statute book…I wonder why!


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