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Hundreds of pupils complete road safety course


Hundreds of pupils complete road safety course

THURROCK Council – in partnership with the Safer Essex Road Partnership – have been working with 13 local schools to train 249 year three pupils in how to keep safe on the road during winter months.

The Twillight Trail project has been hailed a success after hundreds of students completed a 6 week course which taught them the importance of ‘Being Bright’ and ‘Being Seen’ whilst they are on the highways on foot, bike or scooter.

Portfolio Holder for Highways, Cllr Brian Little said: “The Council is working hard to keep our youngest residents safe while outside.

“This fun and interactive project has helped lots of children understand the importance of being vigilant whilst they are travelling.

“During the course, children are encouraged to wear reflective and fluorescent clothing and bags and are taught the difference between the two types of materials.

“Items such as road signs, lights and material are then placed around the school and children are asked to find them using torches.

“At the end of the project, students were given a fluorescent and reflective bag containing stickers, pencils and leaflets that parents can use to remind them of what they’ve learned.”

For practical advice on road safety for adults and children, visit:


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