Friday, December 2, 2022

Traitor’s Gate Christmas Extravaganza

Traitors Select returns with it’s very own Christmas extavaganza.

FOR one week only, they are foregoing the open-mic element in order to give extended sets to the following amazing performers.

First up, my fellow Miranderer and Phoenix FM DJ, Chay Appleyard. Fun, infectious and engaging songs performed with a cheesy grin.

Next up, the mesmerising Junkbox with Aaron Heapy, Natan Yucatan Knight and Keith Melhuish. Sublime music, haunting melodies and fantastic musicianship.

Following that we have Jake Skingle. Very much a surprise package for those who haven’t witnessed him live. A true performer.

Last but definately not least, Kieran Mcloughlin-Spink. Guitarist with the amazing Fortify and a stand out solo artist, Kieran will have you singing along immediately.

Each act has been tasked with performing some Christmas related material so, expect some festive music on the night.

Kick start your festive celebrations with incredible music, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the best bar staff on the planet, fine locally brewed ales and ciders and free entry.

Gonna be a good un!

Traitor’s Gate,
42 Broadway,
Little Thurrock,


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