Thursday, June 20, 2024

Thurrock UKIP leader gives response to proposed council tax hike

THE LEADER OF Thurrock Ukip, cllr Graham Snell has issued a reponse to the Tory-run Thurrock Council spending plans and council tax rise.

Cllr Snell said: “So, the Tory administration has now announced their spending plans and the potential Council Tax rates for the next municipal year. These sort of announcements in the run up to budget setting are nearly always contentious and this year is no different with a mix of both good and not so good news for Thurrock residents.

The £2.3M spending plan has to go in the good news column. I don’t think too many would question the need to spend money on getting Thurrock clean and tidy and keeping it that way, especially when the money used to do so isn’t coming from taxation but from a budget excess generated by the Council’s investment strategy. The same must be said for spending money on transport and anti-social behaviour, both have (for different reasons) been causing major problems for some years and it is right to focus on both; a move which will surely benefit residents.

I do support this spending. Indeed, it is possible that none of it would have been possible without the support of UKIP during all of the many discussions and meetings that took place regarding investment strategy over the last year. Whilst the Tories are quite keen to crow about their success with having a budget surplus, they should be reminded that, in a Council with no overall control, they couldn’t do it on their own.

The Proposed Council tax rises are another matter. It is proposed that we accept the full 3% available for Adult Social Care plus the 1.99% for Council Tax itself. Let’s be very clear about this: the 3% charge is only there because of chronic Tory Government under-funding of Adult Social care. The social care demands and costs are rising at a rapid rate but funding has not kept pace. In Thurrock, if we don’t take the rise, our social care services will suffer and that means Thurrock residents will suffer.
We must not let that happen so we must take the rise that is on offer.

The 1.99% is the maximum rise allowed by Government, this at a time when they are reducing their support grant year on year with the expectation that it will inevitably reduce to zero. For the majority of households in Thurrock, it equates to a maximum rise of 21p a week. This will be the sum argued over at budget setting. The police and Fire Authority precepts are out of our control but are expected to rise. Again, the Government has slashed funding to both and expect residents to pick up the bill instead. Sometimes I wonder what the Government is for if it can’t manage to properly fund the very services that protect us from the evils in this World!

The Labour Party have expressed their concerns over the rises. It is right and proper that they do so but it is important to note that they have taken part in all of the Council Spending Review meetings so that none of this has come as a shock to them; though, judging from their press releases lately you might be led to believe otherwise.

Ultimately, it will all come to a judgement call. Do we want to maintain and, if possible, improve Thurrock’s situation? If we do, we have to pay for it. It’s really as stark as that.


  1. Very well put Mr Snell. Please just look at the waste and incompetence of the council and it’s staff and save us all a packet.


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