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Labour welcomes Thurrock Tories “U-Turn” on Grass Tax

Labour welcome Tory U-Turn on Grass Tax

COUNCILLOR Oliver Gerrish, Leader of Thurrock Labour Group, has welcomed the news that the Tory-run Thurrock Council has been “forced” to make a U-turn on the so-called ‘Grass Tax’.

Grass Tax Labour

At Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting, Councillor Rob Gledhill acknowledged the “damning verdict” from the cross-party Housing Committee which recommended the tax be scrapped. He admitted that he would be binning the charge at the subsequent Cabinet meeting when it will be considered in detail.

Cllr Gerrish said, “This outcome is a massive victory, and a huge tribute to the very strong campaign put in by hundreds of Thurrock residents. Nobody other than the Tory administration thought this was a good idea and I’m delighted that they have now been forced into a humiliating U-turn.

“I hope the message goes out loud and clear that Thurrock residents will not stand for this. This attack on Thurrock tenants should never have been brought forward in the first place. I’m proud that the Labour Group have been fighting it for over a year since it was first discussed, and very pleased that it has finally been scrapped.”


  1. Make the most of it folks, the way Thurrock is being developed there will no grass left to tax.

  2. Wouldn’t the most simple solution be to transfer the land from Housing to Highways – therefore maintenance can be paid from general council tax fund rather than the housing account?


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