Saturday, July 13, 2024

Stricken Corringham father-of-two taken off ventilator in West Indies

Kurt Russell

A father-of-two who ended up in a coma after a three-storey fall has been taken off his ventilator and is breathing for himself reports the BBC.

Kurt Russell, 32, fractured his skull while helping a friend move house on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten.

The family of Mr Russell, who was uninsured, has raised thousands of pounds for his medical needs.

His sister Tyla Russell said Corringham-born Mr Russell still faced a “long road to recovery”.

“He is taking each day by day,” said Miss Russell, 28, of Welwyn Garden City. “He has improved a bit, but we still have a very long way to go.”

She said he had not been able to recognise or remember family members while speaking with them over video calls, which had been “very upsetting”.

It is understood Mr Russell’s father will fly out to join his son on Saturday.

Mr Russell, whose children live in England, spends about half his time in the Caribbean running angling tours.


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